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How to set up an e-mail account

(if you don’t already have one)

The following instructions will guide you through setting up a google e-mail (Gmail) account. There are other kinds of e-mail too, so if you don’t like google, you can try Yahoo or some other webmail system.

Get online and go to
Click on “Gmail” at the top of the screen.
On the next screen click on “Sign up for Gmail.” Later, after you’ve completed the sign up process, you’ll use this same screen to sign into your Gmail account. You’ll just fill in your username and password in the boxes above and then click “Sign in.”
Fill out the form on the next screen. You’ll have to come up with a username (like “Larry123” or “Jaimie.Smith1967”). If the username you want is already being used by somebody else, you’ll have to come up with a different one. Click the “Check availability” button to see if your username is already being used by someone else.

You’ll also have to make up a password. It’s a good idea to write down your username and password and keep them somewhere safe because you’ll need to remember them.

You will also be asked to submit the answer to a security question. This is just in case you forget your password and they need to verify that you really are who you say you are.

You’ll also probably have to type in some kind of nonsense word that is presented in odd-looking twisted letters. This is a security precaution that Google uses to make sure that you are an actual human being, rather than a computer program trying to create a whole bunch of Gmail accounts.

Then you should read through the terms of service and, if you agree, click the button at the bottom of the screen to create your Gmail account.
At this point you’ll see a screen that shows you a few of the features of Gmail. You can take a look at them, but click the “show me my account” button when you’re ready.